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All Part Of The Job

All Part Of The Job
All Part Of The Job Maxim Studio
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All Part Of The Job begins with a sequence of connected scenes featuring Lee Henshaw having his way with his uncle's employees, Laura Hermenson and Angel Long. This was released on video by STB in British Teeny Sluts 2, but is a very justifiable conversion to dvd. Lee finds Laura Hermenson in the bathroom of the infamous tower and they don't take long to get down to some action. Mandy (Angel-Long) then is discovered in the sitting room by Lee and he turns his attentions to her in similar style. Laura is in the bath waiting for his return, but she gets tired of waiting and goes to find him. She finds them hard at it and joins in for a threesome. This ends in a powerful cumshot over Laura's bum and into Angel's face. Next we see Lee talking to Sarah Beattie who accuses him of fucking his way round his uncle's hired help. She says he has only had girls but never a real woman, at which she gropes his cock through his trousers and is quite impressed when she releases it from captivity. Beginning with a blowjob, they then go through the positions on the floor and on a couch, including anal, and ending in a cumshot in her mouth and over her tits. Sarah's many fans should not miss this scene. Nor should the equally numerous fans of Laura and Angel Long miss the first. Cast: Angel Long, Laura Hermenson, Sarah Beattie