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All About Gia Darling

All About Gia Darling
All About Gia Darling Third World Media
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Gia Darling has been out of sight for a bit, but Third World Media has kept an exclusive line open with the she-male superstar - and she comes back with a live appearance in All About Gia Darling where she reveals some secrets about where she's been and what she's been up to lately and also reminiscing about some of her favourite scenes. Gia had a big thing going on for Tom and he does not seem to mind Gia too much either, as he sucks her big tits and swallows her meaty hog. This cute couple go 69 and gag on each other's cocks, before Tom tags Gia from behind, slamming her skinny butt-cheeks as her hard hog bounces with each anal thrust. She rewards him for a job well done with a mouthful of ejaculate, as her eyes roll back into her head and Tom whacks his own whanker off, globbing the end of Gia's cum-glazed cock tip. Gia kinda likes Jimbo too and he's in absolute love with Gia's phallus. He licks and sucks and swirls his tongue in and out of the tip of Gia's hard meat and gags himself on her entire package, before the two move into the 69 position where Gia works her oral skills too. Jimbo mounts her from above and takes a hard ride on Gia's only remaining manly feature. She plugs him well from below and then splits him wishbone style, thrusting her thick thighs as her bubble butt s hakes and Jimbo squeals like a pig. He finally gets his turn on her soft fuck box and plugs her till she coughs up a milky one. Gia used to call Max her little muskrat and she makes Max suck her toes and lick her feet. She is a little rough with him, but he does not seem to mind. She makes him worship her toes as she puts peaches on them and makes him lick it up. From her feet it's a long trip up her legs to her cock and asshole, which she shoves his face in and forces him to devour. She humiliates him more by rubbing peaches on his face and smearing it in with her ass and ball sack and he swallows her entire shaft and sucks it till a massive load of Gia ejaculate lands on his tongue and subsequently dribbles out of his mouth. Gia always thought Jagger was a cool dude, he looks hip and loves to pay homage to her meaty surprise. He sucks her 'til she is good and hard and she does the same to him, only his cock is smaller than hers is. Her ass is tighter than his is too, as she expends little to no effort prying his shitter open and plugging it with seven certified inches of organic tranny corn cob. Over two hours of this glittering superstar in all her tranny glory! Cast: Gia Darling, others