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After Class

After Class
After Class Bluebird Films Lesbian
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This all girl boarding school is a no-man zone - a school of no cocks if you like, and these naughty schoolgirls may have to do detention and stay After Class if their behaviour and grades don't improve. But they don't care! Romana is feeling a little homesick, but best friend Sindee knows just how to make her feel like she's back in Kansas. She leans over and gives her a little peck on the cheek, but when Romana frees her ample breasts, Sindee is straight on them. She slips her fingers beneath Romana's white panties and dips her finger into her softness and produces a clit tickler to send her on a journey to orgasm heaven. Rebecca and Ruby sneak back to their room for a crafty fag. Both girls decide that sucking on a ciggie is not for them - and what they'd prefer to be doing is sucking on each other's tight damp pussies. The girls play and explore, then when Rebecca produces a couple of dildos, the giggling schoolgirls go on a pussy exploration with explosive results. Aiden and Celeste are having a sleep-over and the girly conversation turns to sex and experimentation. Aiden is a bit of a slut, whereas Celeste is a lesbian virgin - but not for long! Once Aiden gets her slutty claws into her, Celeste soon turns into a pussy junkie. Capri and Melissa get into a cat fight, but with their hormones raging and the adrenaline pumping, the dirty sluts soon turn the fight into a lesbian love-in as they kiss and caress each other's hardening nipples and go top to tail on the teacher's desk for a gash-munching session which ends with the two of them diddling each other with a couple of handy vibes. Don't miss these After Class lessons in lesbian teen lust with a cast of incredibly sexy schoolgirls! A super-hot dvd not to be missed! Cast: Romana Ryder, Sindee Jennings, Rebecca Blue, Ruby Knox, Aiden Ashley, Celeste Star, Capri Anderson, Melissa Jacobs, Lilly Labeau, Tori Black