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50 x Gruppen Sex (5 Hours)

50 x Gruppen Sex (5 Hours)
50 x Gruppen Sex (5 Hours) BB Video
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Three's a party, four's even better - but the more is the merrier in 50 x Gruppen Sex, a five hour orgy romp that sees horny guys sticking their dicks into any vacant hole and randy babes launching themselves at every available cock. The opening scene sees two tasty babes and three horny guys cavorting on a bed. The lads take it in turns to top and tail the lovely lasses until they can hold back no longer and share their seed indiscriminately. A huge padded floor holds a melee of guys and girls all wanking, licking and poking each other until everyone is sweaty and the guys are spent. The cameraman doesn't know which way to turn in the next banging orgy. Girl on girl, one guy jack-hammering a pussy, whilst another is wanking into the face of a tasty redhead whose nipples are being tweaked by a petite brunette. It's one for all and all on one as women share cocks, guys share pussies, and - if there's not another cock to satisfy - the girls even share each other. From fighting fit to fighting the flab, no-one cares if you're a size zero or tipping the scales on the hefty side. All this lot have on their mind is sex, sex and even more sex! Two on one, three on one and even four on one, 50 x Gruppen Sex is simply a tsunami of fucking and spunky explosions everywhere you look!