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Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is an extremely common problem brought on by stress, over excitement, or lack of practice. There are techniques to prevent premature ejaculation, but the problem is quite often solved by the application of our excellent Retarding Gel. This product desensitises the penis allowing you to put it to good use for much longer. Our fine Sustain Performance Gel works in a similar way and produces great results for many.

China Brush is another good friend to premature ejaculation sufferers. No one is quite sure how it works but repeat order levels tell us that it must be highly effective.

Practice makes perfect, as they say and this is absolutely true in terms of preventing premature ejaculation. Practice in private is good advice, as this will allow you to master the techniques without potential embarrassment. To this end we recommend the use of the Vibrating Power Pump or the Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit both of which simulate either oral or penetrative intercourse. Both are fantastic experiences which will allow you to train yourself to a peak of sexual fitness and overcome your problems.

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