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Sweeter Than Sugar 1

Sweeter Than Sugar 1 8Teen+
Sweeter Than Sugar 1 8Teen+
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Sweeter Than Sugar is a first-class piece of gay teen boy fun, with bareback action, cum eating and facial cumshots. Five couples wank, suck and shag one another with obvious enjoyment and enthusiasm in unrelenting boy-boy action. Each couple comprises an Arabic-looking lad and a blondie, and they are all pretty, svelte, athletic twinks. The sound is natural and real, and there is no distracting incidental music. What's more, director Luis Blava has taken some trouble to give the lithe lads some kind of setting for their lewd couplings. We see atmospheric shots of a lake resort, and the boys are given a little interactive scenario, like repairing a light, to make us feel that they are real people, rather than mere humping bodies. The first of the five scenarios has a slow build-up, with the Arab boy lingering on the lake's edge. After some French kissing, the dark boy pleasures his partner with a long lascivious blow job, before taking it in the arse. The pair then fondle on a porch swing, and the Arab wanks off. In the second piece, there is prolonged affectionate rimming and finger-fucking, all shot in extreme close-up, and a little arse-biting accompanies the action. The third scene offers an Arab boy working a thick dick with lips and tongue, with rimming accompanied by genuine moans of pleasure. Two baseball-cap-wearing, pretty-boy chavs fuck on a deserted staircase in the fourth scenario. The white lad has his tool sucked, then shags his partner before squirting over his arse and back. The porch swing is back in play for the last piece of action, as another Arab boy plays the pink oboe before taking some serious dick action in the arse. Verdict - an excellent example of well-shot, thoughtful, and highly erotic bareback teen porn.