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Sting (Dvd + Blu-Ray)

Sting (Dvd + Blu-Ray)
Sting (Dvd + Blu-Ray) Titan Media
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The surveillance video doesn’t lie - you’re been bad, and you need to be taught a lesson. The punishment is up to you - solitary confinement or some hard lessons at the hands of Hunter Marx and Marco Wilson, who lead a gang of private eyes out to capture their sleazy suspects. What’s your choice? That’s what we thought. You might want to bite down hard on something, so this is gonna Sting. Aroused by hidden camera footage, investigators Dirk Caber, Hunter Marx and Shay Michaels take a break from policing to satisfy their urges - ending with an unforgettable fuck train. Shaved-headed criminals Harley Everett and Patrick Rouge break and enter a warehouse - and then each other as their dirty deeds provoke an aggressive encounter. Ripped specimen Marco Wilson admires his chiseled frame in the mirror - then beckons voyeur Logan Scott inside for some sucking before pounding the muscle man’s hole. A cumshot compilation, trailers, digital copy instructions and a look at TitanMen Tools complete the package. Cast: Hunter Marx, Marco Wilson, Dirk Caber, Harley Everett, Shay Michaels, Patrick Rouge, Logan Scott