Piss Gods

Piss Gods
Piss Gods Lucas Entertainment
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Featuring golden showers of global proportions, Piss Gods is the answer to the prayers of watersports disciples around the world. These nasty, insatiable whores have no limits, and fuck and suck with reckless abandon. European sex gods Baptiste Bremont and Martin Passoli get soaking wet in their electrifying shower scene. Martin can't help but stroke himself as he bathes in the relentless stream coming from Baptiste's enormous cock - across Martin's eyes, nose, lips, and chest - Baptiste's undying urge to erupt with liquid is awe-inspiring. When Jonathan Agassi pours a foamy beer over his skyward-pointed schlong, it is merely a prelude to the wet and wild antics that inevitably follow. Teaming up with the sculpted and cocksure Sasha Dov, Agassi erects his legs into the air and allows his latest partner to spit and spew the remaining contents of the bottle into his waiting hole. Sasha proceeds to insert the bottle into the smooth, dripping pucker, and then follows with a lengthy piss session into the bottom boy's thirsty mouth. The piss guzzling evolves into a hot 69 at which point Jonathan turns the dominator into the dominated by pounding him with his rock hard rod. In a poetic final act, Jonathan creams Sasha across the kisser, a sumptuous echo of their previous piss play. Upon entering a torch-lit cave, you can expect to come across some type of secret ritual, and this scene with Michael Lucas and Max Schutler is no exception. Michael lets loose his steaming cascade across Max's smooth and sculpted chest and teasingly spurts straight up his nose. Max can scarcely suppress his smile and receives a golden shower in this stunning interlude. Sun-kissed Guy Ronen retreats to his private cabana in order to relieve himself upon the compliant and willing Ron Atias. Ron rubs himself down in Guy's delectable piss with enthusiasm before putting his mouth to work on his friend's sputtering hose. Soon Guy cannot take anymore and insists on turning Ron around and ramming his rod up his rookie ass. Ron's whimpers are the best accompaniment to Guy's powerful thrusts. These boys prove why pissing is the perfect prelude to a good old fashioned pummelling. Cast: Jonathan Agassi, Baptiste Bremont, Bruno Jones, Carlos Caballero, Guy Ronen, Lavi Yacov, Martin Passoli, Max Schutler, Menashe Ben-David, Michael Lucas, Ron Atias, Sasha Dov