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Pillage & Plunder: The Movie

Pillage & Plunder: The Movie
Pillage & Plunder The Movie Rascal Video
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The story in Pillage & Plunder: The Movie begins with Blake Harper and Jackson Price groping and kissing in bed after picking each other up at the gym. Harper eagerly eats, sucks and fingers Price's plump ass. Harper tops him and pounds into him before shooting his entire load over Price's gorgeous ass. Afterwards, Price gives him a line about how he's never done this type of thing before but Harper doesn't buy it. Turns out this wasn't their first anonymous encounter. Price gets angry and asks Harper to leave but before he does, Harper goes through Price's things and finds a beautiful sapphire ring that he pockets. Later, Price's lover (Logan Reed) searches for his ring before they leave on a cruise. When it doesn't turn up they leave anyway. On the ship Price spots Harper and freaks out a little. Harper heads for the laundry room where he drops off some clothes and inadvertently loses the ring. The two hotties in charge drop the laundry and do each other instead. Later on in the ship's library, waiter Enrico Vega serves Nino Bacci with a drink, but gets more than a tip. Bacci jumps Vega and the two exchange blow and rim jobs. Afterwards, Bacci spots the sapphire ring that fell out of his napkin so he puts it on and heads out. On the deck is a twelve man orgy featuring more hot beefy men and their hard ons. The men suck and rim one another, and then pair off and fuck. This lengthy scene is raw and nasty and ends with everyone shooting their loads on adorable little big cocked Spike. Later on the deck, Reed spots his ring on Bacci and confronts him. In the scuffle the ring falls overboard and the struggle and search is over. Ironically, eight months later, Reed's friend is fishing and catches the fish that swallowed his ring. He returns the ring to Reed and thanks him by straddling his face with his crotch. They end the film with a great fuck and a happy ending. Cast: Matt Summers, Victor Rios, Blake Harper, Enrico Vega, Spike, Logan Reed, Corey Summers, Jason Branch, Jackson Price, Sam Crocket, Adam Gabriel, Scott Matthews, Alex Burbon, Nino Bacci, Paul Cody, Barry Barrett