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Newcummers Lucas Entertainment
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Lucas Entertainment goes north where there are plenty of sexy and hot Newcummers to warm up the chilly Canadian landscape. Edji Da Silva and Johnny Venture are pure men - they're worked out, covered in hot tattoos, wear beards and are ready to fuck. Johnny's attentive as he works his lips up and down Edji's cock and foreskin and it's Johnny's turn afterwards, who drops his pants to reveal a super-fat cock. Edji struggles to open his mouth wide enough to take all of Johnny's girth, but it's a challenge he's ready to take on. The boys get heated up to the point where they need to fuck, and when it comes to penetration, Edji is in charge. Franco Ferarri brings the hot and spicy attitude of Brazil to the camera, and there's no one better to match him with than blonde cutie Kyle Quinn, a hot guy who is the very definition of all-American. Kyle and Franco are feeling it for each other from the beginning. They make out aggressively and Franco pushes Kyle down to the bed where they bump and grind before stripping their clothes off. Once his heat is ramped up, Kyle turns aggressive. Franco lays on his back and hangs his head over the edge of the bed, giving Kyle clear entry to face-fuck the Brazilian bottom. Brandon Jones and Nick Ford waste no time settling into one another, kissing and rubbing their hands all over their bodies. These hot guys are smooth and ripped, packing bodies built for fucking. Nick starts out by pulling out his bottom's uncut cock and starts working on it with his excited lips. They flip positions and with Nick standing over Brandon, he slaps and rams his cock down his throat. The oral sex is followed up by Nick eating out Brandon's ass; it's a precursor to Nick slipping on a condom and inviting Brandon to take a seat. Brandon is a power-bottom, offering his tight ass to Nick, riding him like a passionate animal in heat until they both cum. If size matters, there is no one better to prove it than Max Chevalier. His frame is hulking and his muscles bulging. Ready to take him on is Nikko Brave, a Latin hunk of demure stature who loves to show off his goods by sucking cock and getting fucked on camera. Canadian pornstar Adrian Long is a powerful top with a handsome face and an impressive frame. The man is a lot to handle, but bottom boy Hayden Colby is not afraid of the challenge. Let these Newcummers show you they have what it takes to be the best sex stars around! Cast: Edji Da Silva, Franco Ferarri, Adrian Long, Brandon Jones, Hayden Colby, Johnny Venture, Kyle Quinn, Max Chevalier, Nick Ford, Nikko Brave