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Minute Man 40: Full Load

Minute Man 40 Full Load Colt Studio
Minute Man 40 Full Load Colt Studio
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Minute Man 40: Full Load is an up close and personal look at three of Colt Studio's newest additions to their stable of studs. Wilfried Knight swings lazily on a porch swing, day dreaming and letting his hands wander. Reaching under his tight shirt Wilfried reveals a thick pelt of manly fur. Reaching down further he finds a tear in the seam of his bulging jeans. Feeling his manhood stir at the touch he opens up those bulging jeans and pulls out his juicy uncut cock. Tugging at that meaty foreskin he gathers his steady stream of dick juice on his fingers for a sweet taste of pre-cum. Wilfried cranks up the stroking action as more and more cum gushes to the surface. With a deep and satisfying groan Wilfried gives up his Full Load of white-hot man-juice. Enjoying every last drop Wilfried gathers his load and licks his fingers clean. With a lush summer vineyard as his backdrop, nude muscled stud Marc Dylan is a vision of manhood as he drenches himself in a hot outdoor shower. Marc gives a hot moan as he probes his manhole with his wet fingers and now fully aroused, Marc turns his attention to his throbbing hard cock, stroking and edging his swollen balls to a Full Load. Gushing like a fountain the head of Marc's pulsating dick erupts. With deep and satisfying groans Marc lets loose and drains himself of every last drop. Floating in the pool we find hairy muscle-man Brad Kalvo taking in some sun. Donning his dark sunglasses and tight bulging swimsuit he is the picture of rugged masculinity on full display. His hands explore his body as he strokes his pecs, tweaks his hard nipples and gropes his ample bulge. Leaning back on the edge of the pool Brad indulges in some self-satisfaction, flexing and caressing his hard muscles with a devilish grin on his lips. Three hot guys all intent on jerking out a Full Load just for you! Cast: Brad Kalvo, Marc Dylan, Wilfried Knight