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Lords Of Jet Set Manor

Lords Of Jet Set Manor
Lords Of Jet Set Manor Jet Set
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The Jet Set people sure know how to assemble a cast of athletic musclemen, and Lords is no exception. Lords Of Jet Set Manor takes a cast of All-American muscle jocks, puts them in some Speedos and places them in a romantic castle type estate. The action kicks off as a dark haired model arrives for a Jet Set audition and meets up with a Speedo-clad muscle god. Kissing and groping progresses to mutual cock sucking and ass eating. In a surprise twist the skinnier brunette tops the beefier jock, and they fuck in several positions before creaming. The second segment features two very hot performers. The first is a deliciously chiselled blonde. He descends a spiral staircase to find a raven-haired beauty just waiting to service him. The blonde not only has a gorgeous face and the body of statue, but also a long fat cock that seems to almost choke his suitor. These two guys compliment each other in every way. Once he is finished sucking his buddy's cock the blonde does return the favour and, after a few minutes of working on the brunette's cock, the beefy blonde bends him down and plows right on into him. The fucking is a wonderful culmination, as the two moan and groan throughout the stair side fuck session. Don't miss this all action fuckfest! Cast: Brock Dylan, Curt Baldwin, Dante, Jay Heiss, Jeremy Brooks, Kyle Stevens, Mycle Roc, Tony Banderas