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L.A. Cruising

L.A. Cruising
L.A. Cruising Titan Media
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A furtive glance, a lock of the eyes, a knowing nod - it's the dance strangers play as they cross paths on the street, a quiet yet carnal seduction. Follow Bruce Beckham as he guides you through this rite of passage into manhood. In L.A. Cruising, salt-and-pepper stud Tristan Jaxx gets a special delivery at his doorstep - stranger Jeremy Spreadums, who opens up his own holes for a big uncut tip. Tank-topped Tex Davidson gets beckoned from across the street by security guard Jacob Durham, who leads him inside as they worship each other's big dicks before Tex takes control. Micah Brandt can't get enough of Bruce Beckham's massive cock, the verbal sub gulping it up before they fuck each other as his eyes roll back in his head. A sidewalk stare has the scruffy faces of Adam Ramzi and Dakota Rivers lip locked, the two trading sucks before Adam takes it deep - and gets a massive squirt all over his head and chest! Cast: Adam Ramzi, Bruce Beckham, Dakota Rivers, Jacob Durham, Jeremy Spreadums, Micah Brandt, Tex Davidson, Tristan Jaxx