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Hard To Keep Down

Hard To Keep Down
Hard To Keep Down Catalina Video
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The guys in Hard To Keep Down are part of a gang, headed by Gregg Rockwell. Tommy tells his leader Gregg that he wants out of the gang. Gregg will grant this request, only if Tommy sucks his dick. Tommy is reluctant at first, but he soon drops to his knees and services Gregg’s cock like a pro. Gregg spurts on Tommy’s face and then returns the favour by swallowing Tommy’s hard dong. Casey and Mark say their good-byes to Tommy and then have some hot fun outside, on their own. Casey and Mark swap blow jobs and Casey loses his load whilst getting a ball-slapping ass fuck from Mark. Fellow gang buddies Christopher and Dean have heard that Tommy was spotted getting into the car of leader of their rival gang, so they decide to ease their tension with a good old suck and fuckfest. Dean buries his man-tool deep into Christopher’s ass and dumps creamy love juice on his backside. Meanwhile, rival gang leader Richard has taken Tommy as his new boy. Tommy goes with him to a warehouse and ends up getting initiated into the new gang with Richard giving Tommy’s sweet ass a tongue bath before corn-holing him to orgasm. Richard sends his old boy Brad over to rival leader Gregg, well it seems like a fair exchange - one hot ass for another. Gregg tries out his newest boy, using his mouth and ass to their fullest capacity. Gregg plows into Brad’s hungry love tunnel and Brad gets so turned on that he has a "hands free" orgasm, with Gregg’s rock hard pole up his ass. It's gang vs gang - but who's the hardest! Cast: Gregg Rockwell, Brad King, Casey Morgan, Christopher Zale, Dean Maxwell, Mark O'Neill, Richard Raines, Tommy Cruise