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Daddy's Angels

Daddy's Angels
Daddy's Angels Pacific Sun Entertainment
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The daddy/son relationship is a venerated bond that dates back to Ancient Greece. Young apprentices would pair up with older men to gain some of their wisdom and experience - and if a little buggery transpired, so much the better. Leave it porn veteran director Paul Barresi to impart a little bit of his wisdom in the instant intergenerational classic Daddy's Angels. With good editing, competent acting and lots of sexy guys (of all ages) Angels is like a gift from gay porn heaven. Bodybuilder Gauge is taking a break after his workout, and who should step out of the closet - er, locker, but blond bottom Brett Dimineo. After his initial surprise, Gauge lets Dimineo worship his well-developed chassis. Pretty soon, the pumped Adonis has Dimineo's legs spread eagle and is ramming him but good. So good, in fact, that Gauge completely forgets about his date with the ever-delectable Cameron Fox, who is might steamed. Coverboy Fox gets his revenge in a sordid alleyway scene with bald daddy Lance Gear, who relishes every lick, jab and slobber the two men share. Gear should get an award for his deep-throating Fox's beer can cock. In a nice change of pace, it's the twinkish Fox who tops Gear, who serenades him with lots of raunchy grunts and sex talk ss Gear says, ôFuck yeah!ö Meanwhile at the doctor's office, Anthony Holloway has just gotten some terrible news from doctor Carlo Cox. It turns out his asshole's too tight! No worries though, the elder Cox has just what the patient needs. After prepping the afflicted area with his hands and fingers, Cox administers his own brand of TLC (tasty- looking cock), followed by 50cc's of sex juice. If only all trips to the doctor were this fun. In a classic poolside scene, boytoy Dimineo is earning his allowance with his hairy daddy, Barry Barrett. After the overt family allusions, the two retire to the bedroom and indulge in a little mutual jack-off session, then Barrett takes the alpha male position behind Dimineo's plump bubblebutt. Just before they both blow their load, they switch places, with Barrett bottoming for Dimineo. Could it be that the student has finally overcome (or is that cum over) the teacher? Barresi has hand-selected a cadre of horse-hung bucks that will have you running for the stables. A must for all young and hot puppy hounds and the daddies who want 'em! This quite excellent entry from Pacific Sun Entertainment and director Paul Barresi should easily satisfy both sides of the camp. Cast: Lance Gear, Cameron Fox, Brett Dimineo, Barry Barrett, Anthony Holloway, Gauge, Carlo Cox