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Cruise Control

Cruise Control
Cruise Control Catalina Video
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Cruise Control puts you firmly in the driver's seat. With your hands on your stick shift, you're in control of every move, every desire, and every second of pleasure! Driving faster and harder on a freeway of sex, you push the buttons and you set the speed. There are no speed limits posted in this hardcore man-driven sex fest. All of the guys are in Cruise Control, waiting for the right moment to accelerate with each other. Grease the throttle for a long hard ride! Fan favourite Derek Cruise heads this stellar cast in a scorching skin-flick. Derek and Dallas Taylor are boyfriends, but Derek won't fuck him. Derek gets Brock Maxxon to fuck Dallas. Josh Ryder and Derek hit it off. Tanner Reeves and Coach Brock help each other out by the pool, and you'll be wet. Scott Hardman is having trouble with his boyfriend also, and Scott Baldwin doesn't seem interested until they have an exhibitionist (Brock) get their motors rolling. Derek and Dallas have their anniversary, and the present to Dallas is that he gets fucked like there's no tomorrow! Cast: Derek Cruise, Brock Maxxon, Dallas Taylor, Josh Ryder, Scott Baldwin, Scott Hardman, Tanner Reeves