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Craving Foreskin

Craving Foreskin
Craving Foreskin Pacific Sun Entertainment
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The opening shots of Craving Foreskin let you know that you're not in Kansas anymore and, contrary to current popular porn standards not even in the Czech Republic this time. Instead, Pacific Sun has travelled to gorgeous Puerto Rico to satisfy your cravings. Foreskin is quite a hot commodity in porn these days. In fact, one hardly has to look to foreign porn or foreign models for skin sheaths since so many American performers boast hoods on their torpedoes. That having been said, frenum freaks probably squeal in delight when they come across titles like Craving Foreskin. Director Phil St John made some wise choices - he filmed on location in gorgeous Puerto Rico, and included twinkie boy toys Archer and Hensley paired with deliciously uncut authentic Puerto Rican men. Gura and his friend engage in a bit of kissing and caressing and a lot of jerking off and the star of this vignette is most definitely the yards of foreskin surrounding Gura's hefty prick. He plays with it in a loving way, showing it off for the camera in all of its glory. His cock amazingly stays hard while he slides one and then two fingers under the sides of the skin and jerks it that way. Eventually the two do some hot docking, with Gura managing to wrap his tortilla of a foreskin over the entire head of his buddy's engorged meat. Although his friend never cums, the mighty Gura shoots enough sour cream for two burritos. If you have a penchant for Puerto Rico or Puerto Rican men, you'll want to grab your pinga and grab this movie! Cast: Gura, Bryan Archer, Rico, Marco, Duro, Brock Hensley, Casino, Jesus