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Breakers Titan Media
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For an event as monumental as acclaimed director Bruce Cam's final adult film - Breakers, he pulls out all the stops in the very tradition of TitanMen that he himself created, taking a cast of 13 masculine men-with 11 TitanMen exclusives including the return of TitanMen exclusive Eduardo - and directs them in seven breathtaking scenes teeming with explosive eroticism and unparalleled natural beauty. The sun beats down on two surfers (Damien Crosse and Jackson Wild) peeling off their wetsuits on the beach. Jackson sucks down every inch of Damien's hefty, uncut dick while furiously batting down on his own hard cock as he works himself into a frenzy. They retreat to a trailer where Damien pounds Jackson's arse mercilessly. Dean Flynn and Rick van Sant are camping when a park ranger (Tony Buff) arrives to teach them a lesson about respect. After whipping Dean's arse until he begs for mercy, he moves on to Rick and gives his ass a far more severe punishment with his fist. After having his way with them in the woods, Tony brings Rick and Dean indoors where he gives the two campers a proper arse pounding. Darius Falke and François Sagat emerge from their tent completely naked and hard. With undeniable chemistry, the two rugged specimens of masculinity engage in a flip-flop piss-and-fuck session with an intensity rarely seen on film. Next, three hairy, uber-masculine studs (Alex Baresi and Eduardo with Arpad Miklos) jump ship into an outdoor shower, eagerly diving into a sizzling a flip-flop three-way watersports fuck session. Stunningly handsome and fantastically hung Dillon Buck debuts with Diesel Washington by pissing all over and fucking the cum out of exclusive Victor Banda. Diesel sprays Victor with more piss before he and Dillon bounce Victor around on their cocks and spray him with their second set of loads. For the unforgettable finale, brutally severe topman Tony Buff puts Darius Falke and François Sagat through the ringer; after some cock worship, François and Darius jump onto the cab of the truck, letting Tony work their asses over with his tongue, fingers and mouth before he gives them a deep-dicking that leaves them drenched in sweat, piss and cum. Cast: Alex Baresi, Arpad Miklos, Damien Crosse, Darius Falke, Dean Flynn, Diesel Washington, Dillon Buck, Eduardo, Francois Sagat, Jackson Wild, Rick Van Sant, Victor Banda