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Boys On The Ranch

Boys On The Ranch
Boys On The Ranch Pacific Sun Entertainment
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Boys On The Ranch is a sex-packed, ass-slamming, spunk-shooting free-for-all flick that will satisfy any sexual drive you have. Twelve fantastic Hungarian boys romp around a country ranch wearing nothing but daisy dukes and Speedos. The boys start out by getting acquainted with one another at a little dinner get together on the first night of the vacation. Traveling makes a strong appetite and it also makes you horny as hell. Eyes flirtatiously wander from guy to guy and everyone sizes each other up. Dinner ends and its time for playing in the pool - and in bed. If you love orgies this movie fulfills that fantasy very well. Not ten minutes into the action, we are given two groups of studs playing with each other’s uncut cocks and rimming assholes. All of the cocks in this production are rock hard and ready to fly flags from. We are treated to great double-fucking action as one guy plays both bottom and top. Hold your cock or you’ll come within minutes of watching these eight gorgeous studs spouting huge globs of cum everywhere. Peeping Toms can be annoying but not if they’re as cute as the one in the next scene. He’s got a body sculpted by Michelangelo himself. He’s a beautiful young baby and is quick to get laid with two other boys in the woods, naked to the world. This is a warning for anyone and everyone who loves double penetration. Not only one fat cock plows the bottom - he gets it from two! Two cocks in that tight little asshole made us sweat with passion. This is eroticism at its best. We wanted more and guess what - we go it. The second half of Boys on the Ranch is simply the best. Nine muscle studs fucking, sucking, rimming, jerking, shooting and rotating on each other’s big pricks in an orgy that rivals the best of them. It’s a merry-go-round of frolicking good sex, with not a single one of the boys going unattended to. You’ll cum three or four times just on this part of the film alone. If you don’t, you’re penis is dead and you better see a doctor. Cast: Peter Nemet, Tibor Lofasz, Sandor Barsonyos, Mann Hurkapalca, Marci Borkancso, Pal Pokharapo, Csaba Vonaglo, Zoltan Lovasz, Josef Koszos, Istvan Gebe, Gabor Szarrago, Tamas Kurt