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Bear Patrol

Bear Patrol
Bear Patrol Catalina Video
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Bear Patrol recounts the sordid tales a band of hairy police officers and forest rangers have encountered while out on the beat. Officer Clint Taylor comes home, barking orders at Jake Marshall. Marshall obeys and Taylor takes charge, rimming and fingering his ass, before he drills his big cock into it. Forest ranger Steve Parker winds down after work with some serious cock sucking with bartender Steven Richards. Richards is a hot, swarthy piece of man meat and Parker is a hot cock sucker. They take turns blowing each other until they blow their hairy man loads all over. Citizen Zach Falconer seduces highway patrolman Dakota Phillips, getting him down on his knees to suck his rock hard cock. Unable to stand it any more, Falconer loosens up Phillips' ass by rimming him and then driving his hot shaft in while Officer Lance Hancock and homeowner Luke Bronson, trade blowjobs, with Bronson working a large dildo into the officer's ass. Camper Robert Black takes a leak on public camping grounds enraging forest ranger Steve Parker. To avoid a ticket, Black agrees to go down on Parker's hot cock. Working Parker's dick like a champ, his reward is Parker returning the favour. Black uses this to his advantage and bends Parker over, drilling his hairy ass. A hot and hairy cast bring this great action title to life! Cast: Clint Taylor, Dakota Phillips, Jake Marshall, Lance Hancock, Luke Bronson, Robert Black, Steve Parker, Steven Richards, Zach Falconer