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Deluxe Beginner Pump

Deluxe Beginner Pump
Deluxe Beginner Pump Shots Toys
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With a total cylinder length of 9" (23cm) and a diameter of 2.35" (6cm), this Deluxe Beginner Pump gives you ample possibilities to grow in both directions! The total length of the hose is 10" (25cm) and the insertion sleeve is made of smooth silicone. Surprise yourself every time on how big you can get!

The trigger grip, gives more power than the traditional bulb pump. It will work to create a more effective vacuum seal in a shorter amount of time, so it will take less pump action to reach your desired level of hardness. It's easier to maintain control over the amount of pressure in the cylinder and a lowrer cost option than a pistol grip pump. It also has a more comfortable grip than the ball mechanism, meaning you can pump for longer without as much risk of cramping. A good compromise between price and power!