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The Taming Of The Tease

The Taming Of The Tease
The Taming Of The Tease Strictly English
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Imagine you meet a cute sexy young Jamie Lee Curtis lookalike. She comes on to you quite strongly and arranges an afternoon rendevous at your house the next day. Wouldn't think you were on a promise? That's exactly what Steve thinks in The Taming Of The Tease when Kate arrives at his place wearing a sexy short skirt. She is hardly through the front door before she falls straight into his arms and kisses him in a way that leaves no room for doubt. They head straight upstairs to the bedroom where Kate continues to arouse Steve with her passionate kissing - but then at the crucial moment she calls a halt, saying that things are moving too fast. Steve decides that if Kate wants to play teasing games, then he has a few of his own. Having pulled away when Kate called a halt, he now takes the initialive by asking her if she trusts him. When she replies that of course she does, Steve puts her trust to the test. What follows is a highly erotic punishment and seduction session in which Steve vents his frustration on Kate's bottom with increasing severity as he spanks, crops, paddles and canes her to a crescendo of arousal. Caned and tamed, Kate asks Steve to spank her really hard. Her well wealed bottom is spanked until she can take no more and can no longer hold back from her desires! Cast: Kate, Steve