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The Training Ground 4 + 5

The Training Ground 4 + 5
The Training Ground 4 + 5 Extreme British SM
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The Training Ground 4 + 5 is a great double bill of English S&M directed by David Carter. Master David goes all out to suppress and dominate slut slave Jaqui who has been sent to him by her husband in the hope of taming her wanton spirit. The busty blonde soon has her black thong panties pulled down and her fanny and bum crack groped. The randy master decides she needs her pussy shaving and a finger fucking before the real punishment can proceed. Perhaps, she must be thinking, this is not going to be so bad after all? Master David has other ideas, though, and puts her through a painful and exhausting routine that includes dildos, whip and cane flagellation. On her knees, with her bum in the air, a soft plastic butt-plug fills the void and displays that hole to perfection. More tit whipping, tit and labial clamping follows. To complete her humiliation, Jaqui is made to pee in a bowl and drink her own urine. Silent and sullen, slave Sonya has already had her pubes trimmed but Master David ties her ankles to the legs of a sturdy wooden table and shaves it all off. Now, silence can sometimes be a virtue in a slave but it's difficult not to see Sonya's as a challenge. Prove yourself to me as a Master, she seems to be saying, dominate me and I will be yours. The whip and the cane, however are fearsome allies to have on your side in such a battle of the wills, and soon big tears are rolling down the girl's cheeks. On her knees with her long legs spread wide apart she offers a superb target for both dildo and cane, and by the end, Sonya is happy to take his cock and his sperm in her mouth, piss in a bowl and lap it up like a thirsty bitch.