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Wild Ride 2

Wild Ride 2
Wild Ride 2 Fake Taxi
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Wild Ride 2 sees another four girls enjoying the ride of their life with the Fake Taxi driver and his license to thrill! A gorgeous woman who gets into the taxi and the first thing the driver can think of is to check his old out of date lottery ticket! As he announces that he's won the lottery, she believes every word, and it isn't long before she is asking if he is married as she spreads open her stunning legs. They pull up in one of his usual spots and it doesn't take long to undress her as all she has on is a jumper and some heels. Then slowly the driver slips off her knickers to reveal one of the most perfect looking pussies known to mankind. He can feel his head being pulled in by its beauty and his tongue is soon dripping with joy. He is definitely going to take this gold digger on a wild ride - one she will never forget! Three more driver/passenger encounters follow too! Cast: Chessie, Elicia, Lola, Raven, Others