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Strictly The Cane

Strictly The Cane Strictly English
Strictly The Cane Strictly English
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This compilation dvd, Strictly The Cane, starts with an excerpt from Fax And Figures with Amber Scott in a very one-sided caning competition with Suzy, who has never experienced being caned before. This clip brings a whole new meaning to the term sore loser, and results in some of the most impressive cane marks seen for a long time. Next, from Day of Reckoning At Birchington Manor, the delectable Ms Lisa Lovett gets her come uppance with a long and hard caning. Played by Suzi Martell of Living Doll fame, the gorgeous Ms Lovett adopts some very interesting positions for this prolonged session. The Heiress excerpt features a spoilt brat heiress, played by a famous Brazilian top-shelf glamour model, who truly gets what she deserves in the form of a severe caning from her trustee and accountant after she has overspent yet again. The next scene, from Payday, features the leggy and luscious Diana and Steff, who managed to persuade their boss to allow them to take their holidays at the same time by offering to submit to a thrashing from the cane. They also earn some spending money by accepting extras from their boss. Next, from Dance Of The Cane, top glamour star Becky Jordan is a dancer who pushes her luck too far with the head of security at the table dancing club where she works. This caning raised some of the best marks ever seen on Ms Jordan. Finally, from the quintessential American Girl, English Cane, there is an absolutely infamous caning scene without which no compilation would be complete. Cast: Amber Scott, Suzi Martell, Rebekka Jordan, Others