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Something To Cry About

Something To Cry About
Something To Cry About English Discipline
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It is Fiona's last day at school in Something To Cry About, and she has been told to attend in full uniform. However she decides to disobey her father and wear her summer dress - and that means trouble. Daddy will be giving her Something To Cry About. When she gets home she has to face the wrath of her father and, as she bends over his knee, she takes a harsh hand spanking on her blue panty covered arse. Mr David has an important guest arriving later at the house and orders Fiona to wear her proper school uniform to greet Miss Gillian Lancer. Fiona meekly complies and prepares for the arrival of Miss Lancer. Once Gillian arrives, they discuss Fiona's errant behaviour and her slovenly appearance and come to the agreement that she needs chastisement, but more severe! So once again, Fiona is bent over daddy's knee for a hand spanking. This obviously has no effect on young Fiona as she shows no remorse, so her panties are pulled down and she is bent over the table. With daddy and Miss Lancer taking turns, her bare arse is slippered and hair-brushed until it glows a hot crimson! Defiance still emanates from Fiona and it's obvious to her father and Miss Lancer that they need to up her punishment a notch, so daddy produces a willow cane. Fear is in Fiona's eyes s she hears the swish before she feels the sting as the cane cracks against her already sore arse cheeks. Tears well up in Fiona's eyes as she is left to contemplate her behaviour. She is contrite when asked by her father about her behavior, but obviously not humbled enough for Miss Lancer, who rolls up her sleeves before embarking on another assault on poor Fiona's smarting backside. The morale of this story is never disobey your father as this disciplinarian will take it out on your arse and give you Something To Cry About! (This item is in DVD-R format, and comes without a colour cover)