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Sensual Oriental 3

Sensual Oriental 3
Sensual Oriental 3 Dom Promotions
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Goddess Qing returns in Sensual Oriental 3, the latest instalment in her depraved dungeon series. The goddess is back to her very brutal best, dishing out electric pain, bondage, whipping, spanking and much more! When a transvestite maid fails to take care of the housework, Goddess Qing makes him kiss her feet while doling out verbal insults, hand slaps to his arse, and a lesson he won't forget with a thick leather paddle! In scene two the mistress is in her element, whipping her slave's arse with a riding crop. When he's suitably aroused, Qing attaches a meaty strap on to her waist and lubes up his tight manhole before slamming her plastic pecker deep inside! Back in the kitchen, Qing is making her slave's life a misery. After making him crawl round in circles on the floor, she bends him over the kitchen unit and doles out a lesson in spanking discipline to his lily-white arse before making him choke on her thick rubber dong. When a man calls at Qing's house in need of help, Qing leads him down to her playroom where he's stripped and bound to a bed and forced to watch as another poor wretch in a cage has his cock tied up with string. The gent on the bed has his arse flogged red-raw before the mistress frees her caged slave, bolts an electro shock device to his crown jewels and pumps him full of current! The anguish on his face is clear to see and, without remorse, Qing then forces him to climb under the bed and nuzzle the old fella's cock through a convenient cut away before the mistress dons a strap-on and fucks her slave! This sick bitch loves to tease and test the resolve of her slaves with her cruel and humiliating punishments - you have been warned! Cast: Goddess Qing, Joanna, Jonathan Starr