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Not In Front Of Her

Not In Front Of Her Red Stripe
Not In Front Of Her Red Stripe
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The headgirl of St Stripes bursts into Miss Brown's study without knocking in Not In Front Of Her. She drags in with her Joanne, who is the naughtiest girl in the school. It seems that she was caught trying to bunk off for the afternoon and has been brought to the headmistress for discipline. Miss Brown however, is more concerned with the headgirl's manners, or lack of them, and decides to deal with her first. This is made worse because she intends to carry out the punishment in front of Joanne. What follows, is a hard severe corporal punishment session, carried out as only this strict disciplinarian can. If Joanne thought that Miss Brown had forgotten her, she soon finds she is very much mistaken. She too is given the schoolgirl caning she deserves. A great corporal punishment video.