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Doing Hard Time

Doing Hard Time Red Stripe
Doing Hard Time Red Stripe
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Doing Hard Time is set in a women's prison, where two prisoners are brought before a disciplinary committee headed by a magistrate. The senior prison officer informs the committee that both girls were caught in possession of tablets. When one of the officers attempted to search the girls, they attacked her. Mrs Hamilton the magistrate is outraged, and sentences both girls to strict discipline in the form of corporal punishment. One girl is sentenced to thirty strokes with the strap, and caning of thirty strokes. The other girl who was the ringleader, is sentenced to fifty strokes with the strap, and caning of fifty strokes. The chief officer suggest to the committee that the girls might still be in possession of some tablets, and Mrs Hamilton orders the guards to search them. Each girl in turn is ordered to bend over whilst the guards put on their rubber gloves. The prisoners skirts are lifted, and their knickers are pulled down. The Head guard, then subject them to a embarrassing search for hidden contraband. When she is satisfied that they have none, Mrs Hamilton instruct the prison doctor to check that the girls are fit to receive their punishment. They are made to wait, then ordered to go to the toilet before being brought back in front of the committee, to receive their punishment. The first girl is ordered to bend over the punishment bench where she is restrained. The head officer, then the second officer take up a strap each and proceed to carry out the sentence whilst a prison official counts out the number. This is repeated with the second girl. The first girl is then placed over the punishment bench and restrained again, then her caning begins. Both caned girls are dealt with very severely. A strict discipline and corporal punishment video.