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Dirty Anal Devils (2 Dvds)

Dirty Anal Devils (2 Dvds)
Dirty Anal Devils (2 Dvds) Your Choice
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Dirty Anal Devils will rock your world as Welsh wench Casey Jo and her anally obsessed troupe of tight-arsed temptresses celebrate their wanton sluttiness over two great dvds! Casey Jo takes her delicious friend Cate upstairs before sliding a finger up Cate's anus, then licks it clean, savouring her friend's funky aromas. Scott and Ben burst in and the real fun starts as the filthy foursome indulge in a furious fuck fest. Super-stud Kenny Styles slumbers on the sofa as Casey Jo introduces Caribbean lovely Jasmine and tastes her salty sphincter. The two harlots dangle their greedy pussies in Kenny's face, inducing him to give them both a thorough anal pounding. Arse-juice connoisseur Casey Jo samples Elizabeth Michelle's fresh musk, then offers up her own foxy holes for appreciation. Hot as hell, the two vixens demand that Roger delivers his cock-meat to their back doors immediately. They double suck his balls, making his cock harder than rock and ready to burrow deep into their dirt boxes. Exuding lecherous confidence, Casey Jo throats Steve's dick into a throbbing tower of turgid meat. Steve's studliness is put to the test when slender Laura brings her eye-wateringly tight anus to the threeway fray. Amber Leigh is a robust Raven-haired She-Devil with dimples. Casey Jo and Amber relish Roger, a strident stud with an impressive towering tool at the ready. The two babes power-suck him by turn and get the handsome hunk to shag their bums exhaustively! Clark Kent has walked into a sticky situation. Two of the hottest bitches on the planet have high expectations of his abilities. Straddling his face and cock between them, they are not disappointed. Casey Jo finds herself sandwiched between Petra and Denise as they kiss lovingly. Steve and Clark arrive and give the girls something else to slobber over! The fiveway frenzy which follows is an imaginatively kinky and fluidly productive grapple which leaves everyone breathless. You will love Casey Jo - her natural Welsh warmth and charm are second only to her anal fervour. This fabulous bisexual girl is a serious contender, genuinely in love with her chosen profession, and here has the time of her life starring in her own movie. Seven pulsating, posterior-orientated shows! Cast: Sammy Jo, Cate Harrington, Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence, Laura, Alysha Leigh, Jasmine, Petra Davies, Denise K. with Keni Styles, Roger, Scott, Ben Kelly, Steve Hooper, Clark Kent