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Dance Of The Cane

Dance Of The Cane Strictly English
Dance Of The Cane Strictly English
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Dance Of The Cane is a showcase for the incredible gymnastic and dancing abilities of the very lovely very sexy, and very naughty, Rebekah Jordan. Becky plays the part of Karen, a table dancer, who is suspected by the head of club security, John, of turning tricks for customers on the side in breach of the strict club rules. John has given Karen a lift home in order to have a quiet word with her in private. He confronts her about all the extra money she appears to be earning. Her denial of his allegation is interrupted by a phone call that Karen appears reluctant to answer. This further convinces John that she is lying, and in the end Karen has no choice but to confess that she is moonlighting for a strip-a-gram agency. John is still not satisfied that she is telling him the truth, and so Karen says she will prove it by showing him her strip-a-gram outfit and performing her act for him. Although still disbelieving, John is intrigued by the idea of having Karen perform a private strip-a-gram for him. John's interest is further aroused when Karen returns from changing dressed in school uniform and carrying a wicked looking crook handled cane. She cues her music and proceeds to perform her dance for him. The dance culminates with Karen placing herself over Johns lap, where she stays awaiting his verdict. With Karen hung so conveniently over his knees John tells her that a private punishment is called for if he is to overlook her moonlighting activities in breach of the club rules. Despite her protests, he proceeds to take full advantage of her vulnerable position and lifting her skirt, starts to spank her. With her bottom quickly turning a bright shade of red, Karen struggles to avoid the punishing spanks of his strong right arm reigning down on her exposed bottom, while at the same time she attempts to stop his wandering left hand exploring the rest of her anatomy. She eventually struggles right off his lap and attempts to escape to her room. John swiftly recaptures her and using the fireman's lift, he carries her back while still spanking her exposed bottom over his shoulder. He carries her to the couch where the spanking (and groping) resume apace, punctuated by a constant verbal sparing between the pair. John decides his hand has suffered enough and starts to spank her with a slipper, which he applies with a high degree of severity. So much so that Karen again struggles away, but not until her bottom has become severely marked. This time John drags her back by her plaited hair. He tells her he can spank her just as hard with his hand. The spanks continue to rain down on her bright red bum until Karen can stand it no longer, but he tells her he will continue to spank her until she agrees to take the cane. Eventually Karen is so desperate to bring the punishment to an end that she agrees. The cane raises thick welt marks on Karen's poor sore bare bottom. John gives her twelve hard strokes of the cane to start with but she earns herself an additional six penalty strokes for swearing at him. Finally John gets her to display her well punished bottom by repeating her dance act for him. Cast: Rebekah Jordan, Others