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Asking For It

Asking For It Strictly English
Asking For It Strictly English
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Jenny (played by Suzi Martell) comes back to see her old headmaster to help sort out her marital problems in Asking For It. It seems that she needs some good old fashioned British spanking discipline to keep her on the straight and narrow and her hubby is not up to the job. While her husband is in full agreement it seems that this visit was actually Jenny's idea, which makes the head somewhat suspicious of her motives. Is she there to save her marriage or is she after some sort of kinky sexual thrill? While the head quizzes her about her reasons, Jenny's mind wanders back to her days as a naughty eighteen year old six former. The cane was usually only administered on the hand, but in exceptional circumstances, the head would enlist the help of the headmistress to cane Jenny on her bottom. Jenny had always wondered what it would have been like to have been spanked and caned on her bare bottom. Returning from her reverie, Jenny persuades the head of the sincerity of her motives, that in order to save her marriage she wants to submit to corporal punishment. The head explains that as she is now a grown woman, the punishment will need to be far more severe than she received as a sixth former. Jenny looks nervous but she is determined to go through with it and so her punishment therapy begins. A prolonged hard spanking is followed by the strap, the slipper, the eighteen inch ruler and the cane. Despite the severity of the punishment, Jenny just seems to be getting turned on by it. The head is not pleased and decides that the only remedy is to give her an additional but more severe caning. On hearing this from either her excitement or her fear, Jenny wets herself. The head is not amused and after making her wash out her wet knickers he decides that to ensure there are no other nasty surprises in store, he should administer an enema before recommencing Jenny's punishment. Jenny is mortified to be humiliated in this way, but she submits to the enema and then her punishment recommences in earnest. The head has no desire to punish her to excess but it takes more than 50 hard strokes of the cane before he is satisfied that he is seeing true tears of remorse. Whatever Jenny's motives, she certainly gets more than she bargained for. The head may think that he triumphed in this battle of wills but despite Jenny's tears and a very sore bottom, when she is left alone to compose herself, she still manages an orgasm in the end! Cast: Suzi Martell, Others