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American Girl English Cane

American Girl English Cane Strictly English
American Girl English Cane Strictly English
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In American Girl English Cane, Gail is a young American undergraduate studying in England who is having a relationship with her senior tutor, Professor Ernest Templeton. Being her senior by many years, he has become a father figure to her - but Gail has something of an attitude problem and an inflated view of herself. Fortunately Ernest is a strict disciplinarian - as Gail has found out to her cost. So far these punishments have only consisted of spankings and the little girls paddle, as Ernest likes to call it. It seems however that these punishments have failed to have the desired effect, and as this video opens we see Gail awaiting the arrival of Ernest with some trepidation. She knows that this time she is really for it. Her punishment session starts with a prolonged spanking, followed by the hairbrush. Not satisfied with this, Ernest leaves her to ponder on her sins while he goes to fetch some more severe implements. A further hard spanking is followed by the leather paddle and the traditional Scottish tawse. During the application of the tawse. Ernest does not approve of her language and resolves to give Gail the opportunity to compare the American wooden spanking paddle with an implement she has never felt before - the traditional English cane. Alter he applies the American paddle with gusto, Gail pleads with him not to cane her, but he will have none of it. She is made to fetch the cane, and then made to touch her toes for 25 hard strokes. The verdict? The English cane wins hands down!