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Alice And The Maid

Alice And The Maid
Alice And The Maid Connoisseur CP
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Alice And The Maid transports you into a past era, set in a strict English household, where long dresses are ritualistically lifted, petticoats raised and split cotton drawers pulled open as punishments occur. The story unfolds as Alice recounts the harsh treatment she received at the hands of her strict Uncle and his cruel Housekeeper. It flows from sepia into full colour and back to sepia again for that sense of historical realism. Alice, a young lady of breeding, but recently orphaned, is made her uncle's ward and arrives to live with him. In his household also reside a scurrying chambermaid and wicked housekeeper, Mrs. Bainbridge. Soon after settling in, she witnesses that the master of this house wields the birch on his maid for the most trivial of misdemeanours, as does the housekeeper wield her leather strap. She feels sorry for the maid and despite the fact that she is not supposed to consort with the servants, decides to go and comfort her after witnessing such punishment. The housekeeper spies on Alice looking at the maid's bottom. One evening, at dinner, the maid is accused of forgetfulness, bad manners etc. and in shock, spills a drink on the daughter's dress. She is birched again on the spot over the dinner table in front of Alice, who is made to watch. Alice is sent upstairs to change, the maid accompanying her. This time, she takes the opportunity to see the maid's naked bottom and comfort her again, a little more intimately this time, by rubbing lotion into it. Again the nosey housekeeper spying on her in the background, who then whispers what she has seen to the Master, witnesses this. Alice comes back down to the table and the conversation turns to education matters. Uncle John tests her on her work that evening, in his study, and she fails miserably, she has been wasting time consorting with a local lad who her uncle has forbidden her to see. He now decides it is high time for Alice to be punished with the strap, which takes place in front of the housekeeper and the maid, who assists. After receiving a good strapping, Alice thinks he has finished with her and is a touch defiant to uncle, and she gets a birching as well! Fine British fetish here for you to enjoy!