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SUPERStretch 2 Max 10

SUPERStretch 2 Max 10
SUPERstretch 2 Max 10 SUPERstretch
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Most other penis developers simply allow your penis to reach its normal elastic limit by the use of a vacuum. SUPERStretch 2 however goes one step further. How does it work? Approximately 70% of your penis is made up of muscle tissue called corpus cavernosum which can expand. The enlargement process is called hypermiation. When a vacuum is created by pumping the air out of the flask blood rushes into the muscle tissue causing the penis to expand to your maximum potential. However, that is where vacuum penis developers end. SUPERStretch 2 stretches your penis beyond its normal elastic limit, thereby achieving permanent growth. This is achieved by creating a very powerful vacuum through an internal sleeve and then hanging weights on the outer flask of the developer to stretch the penis ligaments permanently.

Claiming to give you an extra 3 inches in penis length and increased girth too, the SuperStretch 2 Penis Enlargement System is a must-have for those looking to achieve a bigger, thicker penis. This penis enlarging system gives you a beautifully made penis pump with a heavy duty trigger pump. This allows you to precisely increase the pressure and achieve a much stronger pressure than regular suction bulb penis pumps. There is also an accurate pressure gauge so you can see just how strong the pressure on your penis is. The SuperStretch 2 Penis Enlargement System also allows you to attach weight to the end of the pump using the water bag provided. This allows you to really increase the length and strength of your penis.