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Todd & Dolph

Todd & Dolph
Todd & Dolph Bel Ami
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Tag along as boyfriends Todd Rosset and Dolph Lambert open up their relationship in Todd & Dolph, a great dvd from Bel Ami. These two sexy superstars hook up with the hottest guys, together and separately, then save their most intimate moments for each other - and the camera. Included here is the infamous Croatian Holiday episode where Todd and Dolph are joined by Luke Hamill for a playful shoot in at lovely blue lake. The action continues indoors for a behind-the-scenes peek at one of Bel Ami's most popular and successful photo sessions. Following the shoot, Todd and Dolph release their pent-up sexual energy with a dual jack session in bed. Popular Canadian cutie Ralph Woods had requested to work with Dolph and this slender, dark-haired, super hung beauty is an excellent contrasting match to the tall, brawny and blond Dolph - who does his best to suck down as much of Ralph's bulging cock as he can. This scene shows Dolph's growing sexual confidence and his remarkable ability to create a bubble of intimacy. He buries his cock inside Ralph in several positions, including a sexy side-by-side technique that Ralph clearly loves. In fact, the Canadian cutie cums as he is being fucked and pops a second load a few minutes later. Sensuality and intimacy are the keywords for Todd's light bondage episode with adorable newcomer Jack Blue. The idea was to capture a moment of sexual fire when one or the other is blindfolded and with hands bound, he does not know what to expect - a blowjob, a cock poking into his mouth, a kiss? The sexy, playful side that Dolph brings out in Todd is sensual and erotic. It is always a pleasure to watch a romantic couple bring a third into their relationship, as Todd and Dolph do with magnetically sexy Ariel Vanean. The adorable brunette romps in a magnificent indoor pool and takes full advantage of the opportunity before him. Todd and Dolph partake in each other as much as they do of Ariel. Dolph fucks him as Todd cums on the pup's face, and later it is Todd who serves as the meat in this man sandwich. The threesome ends with Todd's torso, face and tongue coated with sizeable loads of semen. Todd and Dolph were given a video camera and told to film their sex-capades as they happened - no planning or other crew members involved. The footage is raw and incredibly sexy as they suck cock in the green light of the camera's night vision and poke gentle fun at each other as they shower or prepare for another night of lovemaking. Todd & Dolph - dare you miss them in their most memorable performances to date! Cast: Todd Rosset, Dolph Lambert, Luke Hamill, Jack Blue, Ralph Woods, Ariel Vanean