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Storm Chronicles 1: Direct Deposit

Storm Chronicles 1: Direct Deposit
Storm Chronicles 1 Direct Deposit Cre8tive Juices
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Direct Deposit is the first episode in the seven part Storm Chronicles series that loosely follows real-life porn star Sean Storm. In the first episode Sean has retired from the world of adult film making - instead focusing his attention on trying to make a go at a legit film and commercial career. His agent is haven't any luck finding Sean work, leaving Sean to make ends meet by escorting again. The film begins with a twist and ends with a twist - and in between those twisted bookends is a highly entertaining, erotically charged mixing of fact and fiction. To say anything more would spoil some of the fun. The very look and feel of Direct Deposit is unlike any bareback dvd you have ever seen. It truly is an entertainment-driven movie, with occasional comedic jolts that characterize the unique feel. Even with character and plot, Direct Deposit never lets the actual sex take a back seat. Austin Shadow and Erik Austin do it in the doggie and squat fuck positions, with Shadow showing off his self-sucking talents. Alec and Max do it standing up, in the pool, and missionary. Sean gets it on his back, on his stomach, squatting, doggie style from inside and outside of a cage, and on beds, slings and anything else he can use to maximize getting loads. Throw in cumcubes, candy canes and dildos of all sizes and what you get is something unique and highly original. Cast: Austin Shadow, Erik Austin, Sean Storm, Ben Archer, Alec Brawley, Max Wolf, Steve Rocket, Franconi Giorgio, Tomahawk