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Skinheads: Boots N Muscle Uncut

Skinheads: Boots N Muscle Uncut
Skinheads Boots N Muscle Uncut Triga Films
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Skinheads: Boots N Muscle Uncut is a raw jam-packed shag fest filled with the usual brutal honed-up nut-heads you expect to see from Triga. Set in a run-down gym in some arse end of town, these fit as fuck and gay for pay blokes are pumped up and ready to blow their muck. Horny after a hard work out, these testosterone filled fuckers really don't give a shit about who they shoot their wad at, or over, and whichever poor sod gets it will soon wish that they hadn't been caught staring at the gym brute muscles. Some lads just never fucking learn! Four cum soaked scenes with brutal and hard bloke fucking, cum eating and cock sucking from beginning to end. As this is the uncut version, you're also treated to the wettest and filthiest piss scenes from the Triga Skinheads range. Skinheads: Boots N Muscle is soaking filth at its best!