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Skin Boss: HQ

Skin Boss: HQ
Skin Boss HQ Triga Films
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The guys at Skin Boss are hornier then ever in Skin Boss: HQ. Hung scally Damien is round for an audition at the Skin Boss HQ and wanks his huge cock untill he spunks and pisses everywhere! Then Jacob comes in expecting an easy time. That won''t happen at Skin Boss though as he takes Dan’s fat cock in both holes and to top it off has to endure a load of spunk and piss off the boys! Later in the evening, Sam and Dan are round at the Skin Boss HQ talking and partying when a Noise Compliance Officer walks in. Dan and Sam think he's taking the piss and give him a right hard and raw shagging to go with his complaint - and a gob and ass full of piss and spunk as well! The lad totally gets the works! To finish it all off, corrupt cop Boyd wanks on camera and spunks all over his porno while on duty! Cast: Damien, Dan, Sam, Jacob, Boyd, Others