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Prison Sluts

Prison Sluts
Prison Sluts Corolo
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In Prison Sluts, Guy Hunter takes us deep inside a Latin American prison to show all the sexy action that the seemingly straight inmates get up with each other and the warders. Featuring beefy muscled guys, tough street types as well as twinks, and a mix of horny black, latin and white men, there is definitely something for everyone here. The openers sees buff cover star Aleff woken up by his prison warder who gives him a great welcome gift - his juicy 8.5'' cock, which Aleff takes with ease! Handsome prisoner Brian Col has broken out of jail and is on the run, but he doesn't get very far and hunky warder Fred Alves manages to catch up with him. Instead of taking him back to his cell, this deadly warder teaches him a lesson right there and then - he fucks Brian's brains out in the wide open countryside. Fred Alves finishes his shift and finds fellow officer Alan in the locker room butt naked. There is no holding these two honed hunks as they embark on a very raunchy session. Alan's 10'' cock is a challenge, but Fred takes it all the way! Talles Murck, a twinky prisoner, is pleasing himself inside his cell. A police officer (the gorgeous and hung Zullu) keeps annoying him, and finally walks in and feeds the prisoner his cock (and nightstick) for lunch. Finally, Aleff and Guto run away together, but rather than worrying about their escape they end up having passionate sex while trying to stay out of the police's sight in a disused building and then in the middle of a field in the open countryside. Prison Sluts combines hung Latino and black guys, showing what tough straight guys get up to when they are banged up! It's steamy, no holds barred and very real! Cast: Aleff Pavanello, Flavio Costa, Talles Murck, Zullu, Fred Alves, Alan, Brian Col, Guto Shettinni