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Mecos (Cum)

Mecos (Cum)
Mecos (Cum) Treasure Island Media
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Mecos (Cum) is the first release by Treasure Island Media's Mexico City studio and features nothing but Mexican dudes fucking and getting fucked. El Chivo is a hungry Latin whore bottom who wants to play with Tezca's big Mexican boner, sucking it, slurping it, worshipping it and finally sliding down hard on it. Top-hombre Tezca knows how to pound a lil' puto ass, driving his cock in deep. Jackson is a nice middle-class University student in Mexico City and wanted to try bareback sex with two wild hombres. TIM made sure he knew what he was getting into and then they gave him Johann and Sewer Boy, both rough men-of-the-street. The two tops take turns tapping handsome Jackson's juicy culo and the results are awesome. The energy was perfect for the next threeway fuck. The tops - Lorenzo and Armando - couldn't wait to stuff their cocks up Marco's fuck hole. At first they take turns, but then they fuck Marco at the same time. The energy was so hot that even the camera man pulled out his own cock and shot a load onto Marco's hole just before Lorenzo and Armando unload. When Brandon saw Pedro T's monster dick, he happily and helplessly devoted a lot of time to sucking and worshiping the big thing. Among Mexico City sex pigs, Pedro T is called The Bull-man - for good reason! All of the guys in Mecos truly love cock and it has all of the spermutations of what a group of sex-crazed, hard-on wielding, ready to suck n fuck boys can do together! Cast: Aaron, Aldo, Armando Juarez, Brandon Ley, El Chivo, Esteban, Gian Carlo, Jackson, Johann, Marco Silva, Lorenzo, Pedro T, Sewer Boy, Tezca