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Man-Cunt Treasure Island
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In Man-Cunt, London-based Liam Cole continues recording Britain's hungriest cum-crazed pigs getting fucked hard and deep by monster-cocked, hole-slamming breeding tops! Some guys hate it if you call their asshole a cunt. Some guys love it. Nick Peyton lives up to that, giving monster-cock Keiran free rein to do his worst. Cunts are for fucking after all. Jorge Ballantinos is a compact slab of testosterone-rich Spanish beefcake. In a threeway Jorge gets fucked-up and fucked out by Sam Porter and Lito Cruz, talking the dirtiest Spanish you'll hear this side of Madrid. Hard On is London's biggest regular sex club. To celebrate its 10th birthday, top men Aitor Crash and Keiran take to the stage with 21 year-old newcomer Nathan Gear - a perfect rookie sub slut. Some of the audience join in, fucking Nathan's mouth and ass, and pissing over him in front of a heaving horny crowd of hundreds. Fraser Jacs and McKenzie Cross are two young bucks on their home territory - the sauna - huffing on poppers and rutting for hours with strangers in hot sweaty cubicles. Keiran is best known as a brutal donkey-dick top, but somehow on this occasion young Johnny Rico takes control and brings out the hungry sub in him. Keiran grovels and worships Johnny's cock, and finishes up with a face full of young cum. Nathan Gear submits completely to Rio Silver in an aggressive basement fuck. Fuelled and filthy, Nathan ends up covered in dust and loaded with cum. At 21, Gear is a precocious pig with a life time of breeding ahead of him. Dominic Sol and Morgan Black are a couple who fuck around. In their scene they watch each other breeding muscle bottom Ben Statham. Dominic even lies down on the floor to get a closer view of his boyfriend's cock sinking into Ben's cum-splattered hole. Later, Morgan looks Dominic in the eye while Ben rides his cock. The bond between these two guys is obvious, and it seems fitting that Ben finishes with their cum mingling together, inseparable in his hole. Cast: Lito Cruz, Aitor Crash, Keiran, Morgan Black, Rio Silver, Jorge Ballantinos, Nathan Gear, Dominic Sol, Ben Statham, Nick Peyton, Sam Porter, Fraser Jacs, McKinzie Cross, Johnny Rico, Ravi Khan, Sydney Phoenix, Matteo Valentine, Bruce Jordan