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Lukas In Love Part 1

Lukas In Love Part 1
Lukas In Love Part 1 Bel Ami
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Lukas In Love Part 1 is the first of a spectacular two-part double header from Bel Ami. Heartbroken after catching his boyfriend, Tim Hamilton, cheating on him, Lukas Ridgeston travels to Cape Town to assist Marty Stevens in creating photos for a new Bel Ami book. A baker's dozen models are also on the trip, staying in the same hotel, and taking advantage of the intimacy. Over the course of the three week stay, Marc Vidal gets together with Rick Fontana, Ethan Clarke with Yves Carradine, and Sebastian Bonnet with Sascha Chaykin for a series of explosive duets. Lukas also has his fun, allowing himself to be seduced by some of his photographic subjects, and exploring the possibilities for his next relationship. Game for anything, Lukas even takes part in his first orgy in a Turkish bath. At the tail end of this work-vacation, Lukas finds someone who might just be the one to mend his broken heart! Cast: Lukas Ridgeston, Tommy Hansen, Brandon Manilow, Danny Saradon, Ethan Clarke, Jason Paradis, Josh Elliot, Liam Phoenix, Marc Vidal, Mark Aubrey, Matt Phillipe, Rick Fontana, Sascha Chaykin, Sebastian Bonnet, Tim Hamilton, Yves Carradine