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Locker Room Spy Guy

Locker Room Spy Guy
Locker Room Spy Guy Jet Set
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Josh Griffin discovers he can become the ultimate Locker Room Spy Guy when he buys a fitness gym and observes all the post-workout sexual action between young buff jocks after they just worked out and then worked themselves up! Before the camera moves into the locker room, gym owner Josh Griffin, sitting in his office, says he never thought of himself as a pervert, but just knowing that hot guys may be making-out in the locker room is too much for him. Tyler Andrews is alone in there getting undressed when Dylan Roberts joins him. It's instant attraction between the two. Dylan feels him up, and after kissing him, gets his hard dick out to suck. Dylan pulls Tyler's shorts off, and Tyler lays back on the bench to let Dylan go to work. He lifts Tyler's legs in the air, and licks his asshole. He sucks his dick and massages his hole at the same time. Dylan then pulls out his own big hard dick, and Tyler goes down on it. Dylan's shorts come down, and Tyler bends him over the bench to suck and tongue his hole. "Fuck that ass," Tyler tells him, and Dylan tells him to get it wet, and he'll let him. After working a finger and some spit in, Tyler rams his cock into him doggie-style. The door opens, and Josh slips in for a quick look. He likes what he sees, but slips out before they catch him. Dylan eventually shoots a load and Tyler keeps fucking until he finally pulls out and mixes his own cum with Dylan's. Josh gets the idea to put some hidden surveillance cameras up to monitor the locker room action and the next jock to appear is Connor Habib, sniffing a well-used jock strap. The big tattooed muscle stud Parker London joins him and fireworks immediately go off. Parker's big dick is thrust into Connor's mouth, then Connor gets Parker to eat his sweaty ass, as he jacks off bent over a bench. Before long James Gates joins them and gets his own big cock out, so that Connor can work on them both, back and forth. They switch around, and Connor now fucks James as he bends over and lets Parker face fuck him at the same time. James moves to sit on Connor's face as Parker continues to fuck him. Finally, Connor shoots on Parker, Parker cums on Conner and then James cums on Connor. And all the time, Josh is enjoying the view. Brandon showers, showing off his great muscular body, boyish face, thick dick and hot ass. Andrew Blue comes in and likes what he sees in the shower. Andrew approaches Brandon and takes a hold of his thick piece of meat and goes down on it. Brandon turns around to offer his ass up to Andrew who goes immediately for his hole, spreading his cheeks and eating it out. Andrew moves to lie on his back on a bench, so that Brandon can drop to his knees and give him head, pure pleasure for Andrew. They change places, and Brandon is now on his back now to eat Andrew's ass as he lowers it down on his face while jacking his dick. Andrew then moves forward to sit on and take Brandon's pile driver up his ass, bouncing up and down on it with pleasure. Now Andrew is on his back on the bench so that Brandon can pound him missionary, legs in the air. And, oh yeah, Josh is behind the monitor in his office taking it all in, "Oh yeah, fuck his ass!" Back in the locker room, Andrew shoots a thick load, and Brandon shoots again. In five scenes - three duos, a solo and a threesome - these Jet Set jocks give in to the sensual beat of sex and get off. Looks like Josh has the best of both worlds, a money-making sex scene and a way to check it all out! He is the ultimate Locker Room Spy Guy! Cast: Josh Griffin, Landon Mycles, Andrew Blue, Dylan Roberts, Tyler Andrews, Brandon Bangs, Parker London, Conner Habib, James Gates