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Lattenschuss (Kallamacka)

Lattenschuss (Kallamacka)
Lattenschuss (Kallamacka) Spritzz
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Lattenschuss is the fifth film in the successful Kallamacka series and the second set in the former Berlin chemical factory. Marco gets face fucked by Kai and then takes it in the ass, all in dusty surroundings, and in the end he just gets left lying there. Moskito loses at car racing and has to pay his gambling debt by sucking Chris and Patrick and patiently taking it in the ass until their dicks are positively glowing. Then it gets cosy as Andy first has to work on Kai’s socks and then Kai rolls a cigarette while he has the pleasure of fucking Andy. Mike and Tommy meet for a jerk-off date with porno mags and Mike, who isn’t really gay, has to take it in the ass. When you look at his face you are not really sure if he likes how sexy Tommy is going at it. At the end Niki and Jaden play scissors, paper, stone and the loser has to suck, be fucked, and receive a load of cum. Romantic sex is from yesterday - today is Kallamacka! Cast: Kai Cruz, Marco Parelli, Chris Forny, Florian Hagen, Andy Davison, Mike Stafford, Tommy Haine, Jaden Idol