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Latin Flesh

Latin Flesh
Latin Flesh Uomotv.com
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Latin Flesh from Uomotv.com has eight buff Latino guys getting it out and getting it on - just for you. Maximus is a name formed from the Latin term for greatest or largest, and Maximus from Rio Branco lives up to his name. Brandishing a big uncut pinga, Maximus reclines on the sofa and slowly strokes. His head rolls back as waves of pleasure wash over his tanned body as he builds the pressure. This straight boy knows how to hold out, but when he's ready, Maximus pumps out a thick wad of spunk that spurts onto his stomach. Carlos is the kind of guy that you meet from time to time. He's straight, but he will get down with a cute guy any chance he gets. Carlos is up for being a piece of bottom meat for Carlitos, but it's quickly decided that he is better on top. So begins a Latino man-mamba that leaves both guys wiping spunk from their stomachs. A black hole is a theoretical region of space in which the gravitational field is so powerful that nothing, not even visible light, can escape its pull. Well the same fears are realized when Guille's asshole is opened by Tarle. These two heavy guys get hot as they exchange blowjobs - and even hotter when Guille offers up his puckered chute for a tonging from Tarle. Spit-lubed and twitching for some action, Guille's asshole swallows Tarle's cock to the hilt - and so begins a pump and grind session that leaves them both spent and exhausted. It's love at first sight for Lazar and newcomer Jorge. The lingering looks, the soft touch of hand on skin - you just know that it's gonna get dirty! Straight guy Uba needs more convincing before he'll hook up with another guy and suck his dick, but this handsome Latin hunk is only too happy to grab his oversized meat stick and jack off for the camera. Relaxed and sprawled on his bed, Uba slowly pumps his cock. His vice-like grip heightening his pleasure as his hard love muscle throbs under his expert touch. Slowly at first, Uba soon builds to a crescendo that has his dick erupting like Vesuvius. Eight Latino lovelies and eight spunk-a-licious cumshots - Latin Flesh is hot! Cast: Carlos, Carlitos, Tarle, Guille, Lazar, Jorge, Uba