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Jailbreak Titan Media
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It's a battle of wills between sweaty inmates and the beefy long arm of the law during TitanMen's heated Jailbreak, where prisoners and officers alike are in hot pursuit. Corrections officer Hunter Marx leads shackled prisoner Drake Jaden to a basement and whips out his big dick in front of Drake's wide-eyed face. Drake sniffs the throbber before taking it to the root. Drake's big dick pops out of his jumpsuit, tempting Hunter, who sucks the tattooed brute back. Hunter fucks Drake from behind, the bottom then sitting on him and the top squeezes precum out of Drake's cock and licks it off his thumb and the two soon shoot all over Drake's rock-hard abs. During the chaos of the prison break Brendan Patrick finds a hideout and is soon joined by fellow escapee Tommy Defendi. Tommy pulls him in for a kiss, the two unzipping their jumpsuits. Brendan gets on his knees and opens wide to take in Tommy's massive meat. Tommy grips the sucker's hair and fucks his face, Brendan choking as he comes up for air, spitting on Tommy's dick before diving down again. Tommy sucks Brendan back before eating him, then fucks him from behind. He turns him over - "Gonna fuck that cum right outta you!" he yells, dousing the bottom with a multi-gush squirt. Escapee Eric Nero runs through the woods - with armed officer Jesse Jackman hot on his tail. He gets tazered to the ground by the muscle cop who demands he gets on his knees and then stuffs the prisoners face. Eric strokes his own big dick as he worships Jesse's meat, the officer then dragging him into a nearby shed. Jesse fucks Eric from behind, grunting as Eric turns around and smiles. Eric gets on his back, rubbing Jesse's beard as he gets fucked, the two kissing before releasing their loads, Eric's sac covered in his own white-hot cum. Cast: Jesse Jackman, Brendan Patrick, Drake Jayden, Eric Nero, Hunter Marx, Tommy Defendi