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Greek Holiday Part 2: Cruising Mykonos

Greek Holiday Part 2: Cruising Mykonos
Greek Holiday Part 2 Cruising Mykonos Bel Ami
English Subtitles
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Hold on to your dicks! Greek Holiday Part 2: Cruising Mykonos will have them dripping right from the start. A beautifully shot, brilliantly edited, and amusingly scripted sequel to Greek Holiday, this is an explosive mixture of tease and sleaze with a cast of stunning Eastern European guys who simply can't keep their cocks in their pants and swimsuits. A small cruise ship docks on the Greek isle of Mykonos, depositing two couples. Sascha beckons Brandon for a chat, and they agree it's time to taste each other in an alcove where Sascha makes quick work of Brandon's fat eight-inch pecker. Naked save for their sailor caps, they work their way through silent sex with only the strains of a mandolin to ease their way. The sly-eyed high-cheeked slut Josh Eliot cruises Johnny Surabaya and in about three seconds they decide it's time to fuck in an empty alley. The cock-hungry Johnny can hardly wait to get his mouth between Josh's legs, dropping to his knees to come up with a mouthful of Czech sausage. When it's Josh's turn, the prize between Johnny's legs proves a formidable challenge. Josh does what he can, but soon turns Johnny around to get his satisfaction - a quick standing doggy-fuck that ends with a major splooge all over his butt. Johnny cums while they kiss goodbye. At the beach Tommy is seriously cruising Brandon, and invites the sailor over to rub some oil on him. Finding a Jacuzzi, Tommy sucks cock like a demon and smothers his partner with affection and power. When it comes time for Brandon to sample Tommy's cock, which is so wide that it looks like a paddle in the tub, he becomes a pig. He soon takes Tommy's ass on a table and alongside the tub, missionary, sidesaddle, until he splashes cum all over his sexmate's balls and chest. Tommy beats off his own stream while they kiss into a sweet farewell. Bel Ami superstar Julian Armanis is playing frisbee with the heart-achingly pretty Yves Carradine. They chat about the heat, decide the hotel room would be hotter, and go upstairs where they make sweet love. This is a completely realised scene between lovers - gentle probes, adoring looks, teasing dialogue, and total cock rapture. Julian works his cock into Yves' tight pucker and a slow loving coupling soon takes on the animated strokes of a fierce doggy-fuck that forces more splooge from Julian. He kisses Yves deeply as Yves beats off his own gooey load. Finally, Tim and Tommy strip each other, roll on the bed, and Tommy begins by worshipping his boyfriend's magnificent cock. Tim gets so worked up he can't stop himself from cumming, and when he does, Tommy is there to pump out the juice right into his mouth and down his chin. Then Tommy straddles Tim's chest and blows a magnificently thick gob of ooze into his mouth and all over his face that Tim greedily laps up. They end this with a face-licking kissing session that dissolves into the sight of Tim posed over Tommy's tool getting ready for a sit-fuck by the pool. He eases down the pole and goes for a ride as Tommy pumps wildly. They slide into a sidesaddle position, and then Tim throws his boyfriend on his back for a missionary-fuck that ends in a mutual cumbath, and the closing credits. This is one hell of a vacation. Cast: Tommy Hansen, Tim Hamilton, Brandon Manilow, Julian Armanis, Yves Carradine, Sascha Chaykin, Josh Elliot, Johnny Surabaya