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Fuck Me Harder

Fuck Me Harder
Fuck Me Harder Lucas Entertainment
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Pain is pleasure and the harder the better and Lucas Entertainment takes sex to the extreme in Fuck Me Harder. Ten powerful and aggressive men pound and plow each other without restraint in rough and intense sex play. Adam Killian is a god among men in the gay sex industry and now he's wearing a domineering officer's cap and leather chaps. His prey - the caged Kyle King, who is struggling and grunting to break himself free. Adam kisses Kyle through the bars of the cage and plays with his asshole. Kyle is an aggressive, hungry bottom and he begs and barks for Adam's attention like a needy, starved dog. Adam even takes a bottle of water and pours it down on Kyle; he might be thirsty, but Adam isn't going to be too generous with the begging, snarling boy-slut. Jessie Colter is a shameless squatter hanging out in a seemingly abandoned apartment. After finding a gay porn magazine, he makes himself comfortable and starts jerking off. But the room isn't abandoned, Rafael Alencar is living there and he flies into a rage when he finds Jessie fucking around in his space. If Jessie likes cock, then why doesn't he take care of Rafael's? The power-top roughs his bottom up a bit before ripping off his pants and forcing his fat, massive uncut cock down Jessie's throat, who chokes and gags on it as he struggles to open up his throat. To open Jessie up before Rafael fucks him deep with his cock, he first invades Jessie's hole with his rough fingers before squeezing the handles of a screwdriver and hammer in it. Jessie is defenseless as Rafael uses him from behind. Logan Stevens is laying defenseless in a wheelchair and strung out on tablets when the seedy corrupt Dirk Caber finds him and decides to take advantage of the situation. Wheeling him to a secluded back alley, Dirk maliciously laughs as he runs his hands all over Logan, who is addled and confused. Even though Dirk is in control, he likes to play with Logan's mind, giving him enough power that they flip each other around for wet, slippery blowjobs. When their cocks have had enough attention paid to them, Dirk initiates some intense rimming; he even sits right down on Logan's face and forces him to eat his hairy asshole. The sex moves into invasive procedures when Dirk forces Logan into a flip-fuck session. The two hot guys rip into each other, hammering and slamming one another's holes until they both reach climax and release their loads of cum. Caedon Chase is a young punk who thinks he can handle sexy Latin stud Antonio Biaggi, but Caedon soon learns how wrong he is. Caedon, a slim, tightly muscled white boy, is smacked around by Antonio, slammed against the wall and kissed deep. Antonio is talented at mixing passion and domination. Antonio's relentless domination of Caedon excites the bottom and Antonio pulls out his massive, uncut cock, he shoves it down Caedon's throat with choking force. But dick sucking is only the beginning of what Antonio plans for his bottom boy. Muscle pig Marc Dylan has no shame. The perverted, horny animal lubes his cock up and starts fucking a series of latex asses to satisfy his needs. But dominant top Mitch Vaughn catches him in the act and if it's sex that Marc wants so badly, why waste it on some toys? Mitch ties Marc up and shoves his cock down his throat. Marc, defenseless, can only choke down Mitch's cock as he fucks his face. The sucking turns to spanking when Mitch decides to humiliate Marc with paddles and smacks his plump bubble butt, turning it red and sore. Marc is a bottom, but he's not ready for Mitch's invasive procedures when the power-top starts invading his hole with big black dildos and pumps. But it's all to loosen up Marc for Mitch's own cock. He bends the bottom over and thrusts his dick deep inside his rectum, pumping and plunging. Marc's eyes are closed as he endures the hard fucking from Mitch. Don't beg for mercy - beg to Fuck Me Harder! Cast: Adam Killian, Kyle King, Antonio Biaggi, Caedon Chase, Dirk Caber, Jessie Colter, Logan Stevens, Marc Dylan, Mitch Vaughn, Rafael Alencar