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Football Diaries

Football Diaries
Football Diaries Triga Films
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Football Diaries is Triga's latest hardcore British football movie. A group of lads are working hard at soccer training in the mid-day sun. One breaks off to cool down in the changing room and starts jerking off, watching himself pulling his pud in the mirror. A short muscled team-mate walks in, soaps up and showers a few feet away - too interested in working his own chest and abs to worry about the other lad, who carries on wanking and dumps his load in the sink. A third team-mate comes off the pitch, sees the solo show in the showers, and soon both lads decide soccer should be swapped for sucking. Two becomes three as another teammate abandons the playing field and gets stuck in. A free for all starts as mouths lock, knobs are pulled and sucked, and a pair of smooth bubble butts are bent over the table to be fingered and fucked. The soccer slut daisy chain ends with the fit football fuckers emptying the contents of their ball sacks over each other. Meanwhile, over in a bar, a couple of customers aren't getting the service they think they deserve and start throwing beer around. Soon the England shirts are soaked in lager and the lads start taking matters into their own hands. Shorts are pulled off, butt cheeks are spread, and fuck holes are primed with spit. Two blokes are full of spunk and are just looking for a way to get off. One takes charge and fucks the other, still in his trainers, legs apart and bent over the bar. Once they have had their fill of cock and ass, they cover each other in jizz. The final scene has a mini-muscle dude messing about with a gym fit top. After a bit of knob worship the top uses his footy socks to tie and gag the short sub stud and rides the lad hard and deep over the arm of a couch. A well lubed hole lets the top really screw his greedy mate until they end up stroking themselves off over each other and the bathroom floor.